It’s later than you think

Over the past couple of weeks, the weather here was beautiful. Blue skies, warm sunshine, temperatures in the high teens. Me wondering why the golf course was closed but feeling it was just as well as I had a zillion small chores I ought to do before it got cold.

Splat! High winds, temperatures around and below zero, and horizontal snow – the best kind because it blows away (or drifts deep around the house), followed by some rain and more snow. I look at my uncompleted ‘outdoor’ list and hope I can get a dry, windless, not too cold weekend. At least then I can run the gas-powered gardening devices until they’re out of gas and can be poked away in a garage that could use about six weeks of tidying up.

And then the sun goes down. It’s later than I think. Time to start re-planning all the great outdoor things I’ve had on the to-do-list for years and actually get them done in 2017 … mostly, maybe.

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