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no-botCommenting is not enabled on this site. This is not the act of some totalitarian organization or because this site is ‘rigged’. And It is because I choose not to have random bots scribbling on the walls (and consuming my bandwidth) or random people posting stuff which adds zero value to any discussion that might arise if I enabled commenting and counter-commenting, etc. And for those who fail to appreciate that – your freedom of expression ‘rights’ have not been abrogated.

Given that this site is owned, operated, and paid for by the person who makes those decisions, I think it’s a reasonable position to take.

That said, if you really feel a need to comment on anything here (except this policy), do use the form of the contact page.

And although things like spam catchers and moderation might minimize trolls, nothing’s perfect. To see why, read this article about paid internet trolls.

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