Merry Christmas – whoever/wherever you all are (2022 edition)

Sometime in the past 12 months my predictive skills appear to have been rendered useless – so Nostradamus, how do you do it?

I have not become octuple vaccinated. For COVID, all I managed was five vaccinations plus one actual case of catching COVID-19 (on holiday in Europe!) – sometimes noted as equivalent to vaccination so close to octuple vaccinations. I can confidently state that ‘brain fog’ is a real thing, that COVID really sucks, and in a stunning literature moment my WOTY (face-to-face) got trounced by GOBLIN MODE [no shit!].

For all you readers out there that are not woke, here’s the poop on Goblin Mode  which caused a stir from people who felt Goblin Mode was a ridiculous suggestion, unused by billions on my planet … I agree!!

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