2021 was not a good technology year. Lost my original iPhone 8. Worst part of that was nobody had turned on the ‘save to Cloud’ option so photos were lost. Flip side to that was that the post-Covid period didn’t include visits to photogenic foreign parts. Back in business now so feel free to call me – if you have my number 🙂

Sadly my not-so-old ASUS began suffering intermittent shut downs and didn’t always respond well to kind words, so I purchased a larger HP laptop which came with Windows 11. I wish there was a downgrade available because Windows 11 is not-ready-for-prime-time in the same way as Windows 8. Alternatively, a switch to get rid of stupid stuff – why does the ghost outline of a second(!!!!) desktop render that corner of my screen unclickable? While I could use more real desktop (being a horizontal filer) I cannot see any benefit to have multiple virtual desktops.

I continue looking for perfect add-ons and equivalent software to overpriced commercial stuff at

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