Traffic Jam – we can fix it

if we can find it!

Strictly speaking this isn’t a rainy day story – more like a rainy month story. The sort of thing that keeps me away from doing what I enjoy and trying to do ‘something’ to engender a sense of fiscal responsibility for local taxpayer money.

As a result of a Transportation Study done sixteen years ago, my community was recently presented with a number of alternatives to solve the “traffic problems” in the area, specifically on Port Union Road. After a series of Open House meetings, the preferred solution involved a $3,000,000 expenditure (of taxpayer’s money).

As a long-time area resident, I’ve driven on Port Union Road every day for 15+ years in the morning and evening ‘rush hour’. I’ve never been in a traffic jam, or anything close to a traffic jam. In fact, most of the time Port Union is pretty well wide open as far as you can see in both directions. And in the ‘rush hour’, sure there’s occasionally more traffic but the picture below shows you a fairly typical ‘rush hour’ view of Port Union Road.

This whole concept – a study of a non-problem with the preferred solution being to spend $3 million – bugged me so much that I created an entire website about it.

Final score
Time will tell. Whatever happens – will my taxes go down? Health Advisory – don’t hold your breath on that.

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