A cautionary tale

Watch where you’re going

Apparently not everything happens to me or Mrs. B. Sometimes, it happens to one of the kids. Here’s a recent email:

Hello family,

This could happen to you

This could happen to you

I was riding my bike home on Wednesday night around 11pm and went through the alley where some power lines had fallen and caution tape had been used to mark it off. Thinking I had successfully dodged the entire thing through the parking lot at the side I rode back into the alley and straight into a (completely unseeable) caution tape line across the alley. I fell off my bike and got the handle bar straight in the ribs at a 90 degree angle, plus I banged my knees up a bit.

After my roommate read online about fractured ribs and I had 5/6 symptoms I headed over to Toronto Western for some X-rays. The X-rays looked fine but I most likely have a hairline fracture on one or two ribs so I’m pretty incapacitated right now, plus a little hobble-y from my swollen knee. I have 30 percosets to get me through this, although it’s pretty painful even after I take them.

I am staying at a friend’s to be waited on and not thinking about going back to work till at least Monday. I’m really quite fine, except for being moderately immobile and pathetic. I’m making sure to cough and breathe deeply when I can to avoid pneumonia and am not moving too much.

P.S. And yes, the irony of running into caution tape does not escape me.

Final score
Caution tape 1 Anonymous kid (to avoid embarrassment) 0

Post-disaster update
Apparently those injuries were sufficiently recovered a couple of weeks later to permit anonymous kid to fly off to Deer Lake (Nfld) and drive the Trans-Canada to a retreat near Port aux Basques for a couple of days, and then on returning to jump in a car and drive the 400km to Ottawa to celebrate Canada Day on Parliament Hill.

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