Trolling for dollars

It’s the weekend in the non-winter. That means there must be an assortment of garage sales for Mrs. B to visit. This is a lady with an eye for a bargoon, but when she returned (triumphant even) with two plastic trolls among her trophies I was beginning to wonder … and, even more so when she explained that she had only paid CDN$3.25 for them.

Since it’s possible that persons of tender years could be reading this stuff (judging from my server logs, somebody is reading it), I won’t repeat some of the more creative comments made by my kids about the aesthetic quality of these plastic beauties. One big troll with two heads and stringy tangled hair, the other troll with only one head and stringy tangled hair.

The base of each troll was subjected to microscopic analysis. No, it didn’t say “WARNING: Viewing this thing may be bad for your mental health”. Instead, the base of each troll was imprinted with something about Denmark and a date in the 1960s. Foreign trolls, no less. And ‘antique-like’ as well!! Hauling out the digital camera ($30 on eBay), Mrs. B took some pix of the trolls, and within a matter of minutes there they were both posted on eBay – with no reserve!!

Not one bid, not two bids, but a bidding war breaks out! When the smoke clears a week later, two happy bidders will each receive a genuine old plastic troll … and they’ll only be paying US$63 for them.

Final score:
Plus sixty bucks and change!! It’s hard to argue with success. An ROI of 2500% (in one week) is the stuff from which zillionaires are made.

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